Blue Duck Student Art Gallery

A Painting Blast A19Please click on the photos below to view Blue Duck Art Studio’s Art Gallery. All images are copyright of the Blue Duck Art Studio.

2020 Virtual Art Camp

2019 Birds & Bugs

2019 A Painting & Printmaking Blast!

2019 Broadway’s Spectacular Shows

2019 Jersey Shore

2018 Comics & Cartooning

2018 The Great Outdoors

2018 Sculptures

2018 Ticket to Ride Coming Soon

2017 Wild Wild West

2017 Movie Madness

2017 Textiles and Fabrics

2017 Take A Look In A Book

2016 Rainforest

2016 Painting With Famous Artists

IMG_0076 copy

2016 Get In The Game


2016 Safari Adventures


2015 Forest Animals


2015 Medieval Times


2015 Art Around the World


2015 Book Arts


2014 Birds and Bugs


2014 Circus Week


2014 Mommy and Me


2014 Under the Sea

IMG_4069 copy

2014 Wooden Sculptures


2013 Paper Mache Sculptures


2013 Architecture and Transportation


2013 Art for Mommy and Me


2013 Painting with Famous Artists


2013 Textiles and Fabrics


2012 Wild Wild West

2012 Printmaking


2012 Paper Mache Sculptures


2012 Celebrate Good Times!

Take a Look A12

2011 Take A Look In A Book Group A

Take a Look B15

2011 Take A Look In A Book Group B

A Painting Blast A

2011 A Painting Blast! Group A

A Painting Blast B

2011 A Painting Blast! Group B

Dino A

 2010 Dinosaurs Group A

Dino B

2010 Dinosaurs Group B

Bookmaking A 10

2010 Bookmaking Group A

Bookmaking B 3

2010 Bookmaking Group B

Safari A

2009 Safari Adventures Group A


2009 Safari Adventures Group B

World A

2009 Around the World Group A

World B

2009 Around the World Group B

Rainforest A

2008 Rainforest Group A

Rainforest B18

2008 Rainforest Group B

Sea A copy

2008 Under the Sea Group A

Sea B

2008 Under the Sea Group B

Medieval Times A

2007 Medieval Times Group A

Medieval Times B8

2007 Medieval Times Group B

Circus A

 2007 Circus Group A

Circus B 4

 2007 Circus Group B

 All photos are © 2007-2020 Blue Duck Art Studio LLC

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