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What’s a Traveling Art Party?

Let the Blue Duck Art Studio celebrate your special day for ages 5 and up at your home, community center, church or meeting place! We will bring all necessary art supplies, cover your tables and floors and clean up after the party. Art party guests should be able to use a sink area at your home or center to clean up their hands when the fun is over!

Who can have a Traveling Art Party?

Parties can be for birthdays, holidays, church functions, seasonal, Boy/Girl Scouts, just because, play dates, as well as art created for your own fundraisers. We even offer parties for adults! If you have artists with special needs or accommodations that will be in attendance, please let us know upon scheduling so that we can meet their needs. For those who want to capture special memories throughout the art party, photographs can be taken for an additional fee. Please inquire to find out more!

  • Minimum of 10 artists per party – Prices begin at $200 and are found on our Traveling Art Party Projects Page.
  • If you choose to have a party of less than 10 artists the party fee will remain at the minimum cost which depends on chosen medium.

What projects can we create?

We can use a variety of mediums consisting of oil pastels, watercolors, acrylic paint, and weaving on a loom. Please click here to view examples of projects to choose from for your Traveling Art Party.

When can we schedule a Traveling Art Party?

Available on select Saturdays and Sundays in Central New Jersey. Summer parties can be planned on weekdays subject to availability.

  • We will arrive 20 minutes prior to party start time to set up our work area.
  • Party time 1 1/2 hours.
  • Traveling Art Parties must start on time to ensure completion of chosen project. Please allow time for all guests to arrive!
  • Clean up by art instructors, about 15 minutes.

2019-2020 Traveling Art Party Available Dates – Please contact us through email for dates and times!

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