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Let the Blue Duck Art Studio help you celebrate your special day!

Choose ONE project and ONE medium from the choices below for your event. Projects shown are listed as Kindergarten – adult.

Art party guests should be able to use a sink area at your home or center to clean up their hands when the fun is over!

Acrylic paint on canvas is a non-washable material. All artists should bring a smock as this will not come out of their clothing. Blue Duck Art Studio aprons are available in limited sizes and quantities for $14 each and make great art smocks! Please inquire upon booking your party if interested in this add-on. Use of a sink to wash hands and paintbrushes is needed for this project choice.

If you do not see an image for the party of your choice please let us know. We can create a project tailored to your theme!

Click on the thumbnails below for the full image of the art project.

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